Q. What payment methods are available?
A. We only accept bitcoin (BTC) payable at the time you place the order.

Q. I want to order in bulk, are discounts available?
A. Please contact sales for orders over 500 pcs.

Q. Can I buy just one?
A. Yes! We have no minimum order quantity at this time.

Q. What is the harmonized customs code (HS code)?
A. Miners are shipped under HS code 8471494000 shipped as computer servers.

Q. How many power supplies do I need?
A. You need one 1600W power supply for each miner.

Q. I have 110v supply at home, is this suitable?
A. Not really. Miners operate more efficiently with 220-240v and mining farms step down their own electricity supply to 220-240v. If you have 110v supply you will either need to purchase a 1600W PSU rated for 110v from an alternative source, use two of our 1600W PSUs for each miner, or arrange the voltage supply.

Q. What power cable do I need for the PSU?
A. A standard IEC C13 AC cable.

Q. Do you have FCC, EMC, UL, LVD and CE mark certification?
A. Miners will have all certifications other than UL. We have no plans for UL certification.

Q. What is the airflow of the fans?
A. 206 CFM.

Q. How do I set up my new miner?
A. Watch the video found on our DragonMint Miner Setup Guide page.