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Delivery rebate

Dear Valued Customers,

We appreciate your ongoing support and would like to formally thank you for your presale purchase with us. We’re very grateful to have such a terrific community surrounding our brand and are happy to see all of your pictures, videos and reviews on social media.

As part of the presale terms, we promised to ship orders by the end of a specific month (March, April and May). While we shipped most orders on time for March, we did miss some April orders so shipping extended into May. We received miners late from the factory and also had an issue with PSU supply at the last minute.

We think we’ve done a great job despite this, especially for our first run! But, late is late, and we would like to offer a rebate to make up for the late shipment as a thank you for supporting us in the presale. If your shipment was expected in April, but shipped on or after May 1, 2018, we would like to send you $5 per miner per day, for each day. If you ordered PSUs with your miners, but those were shipped late, we will treat it as delayed until the PSUs got shipped. Similarly, if your shipment was expected in March, but was shipped late we will also rebate these.

If you would like to claim a rebate as above, please complete the form at with as much information as you can and we will look at each case individually. Claims MUST be submitted through the form by midnight June 15, 2018 UTC to receive the rebate.

Please note, it may take up to 14 days for your rebate to be processed due to the manual review required for each of these claims.

Thank you,

Halong Mining Team

Legal disclaimer: Rebate is made without prejudice or admission. Purchases were made as part of a presale with very long waiting times, please refer to the terms of sale. Shipping was promised by March, April and May for relevant orders so rebates can only be considered once that full shipping window expires.