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Change to Terms and Conditions

Customers are reminded they are solely responsible for customs and import procedures including paying whatever duty is required by the recipient country.

If items do not clear customs or are refused or unable to deliver, they are returned to us and we are charged a return fee by the carrier as well as having to pay again for redelivery.

As of July 7th, 2018, any items returned to us due to customer failure to complete delivery procedures, or failing to accept delivery of cleared items for any reason, will incur a fee to cover return, redelivery and a daily warehouse storage fee.

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Delivery rebate

Dear Valued Customers,

We appreciate your ongoing support and would like to formally thank you for your presale purchase with us. We’re very grateful to have such a terrific community surrounding our brand and are happy to see all of your pictures, videos and reviews on social media.

As part of the presale terms, we promised to ship orders by the end of a specific month (March, April and May). While we shipped most orders on time for March, we did miss some April orders so shipping extended into May. We received miners late from the factory and also had an issue with PSU supply at the last minute.

We think we’ve done a great job despite this, especially for our first run! But, late is late, and we would like to offer a rebate to make up for the late shipment as a thank you for supporting us in the presale. If your shipment was expected in April, but shipped on or after May 1, 2018, we would like to send you $5 per miner per day, for each day. If you ordered PSUs with your miners, but those were shipped late, we will treat it as delayed until the PSUs got shipped. Similarly, if your shipment was expected in March, but was shipped late we will also rebate these.

If you would like to claim a rebate as above, please complete the form at with as much information as you can and we will look at each case individually. Claims MUST be submitted through the form by midnight June 15, 2018 UTC to receive the rebate.

Please note, it may take up to 14 days for your rebate to be processed due to the manual review required for each of these claims.

Thank you,

Halong Mining Team

Legal disclaimer: Rebate is made without prejudice or admission. Purchases were made as part of a presale with very long waiting times, please refer to the terms of sale. Shipping was promised by March, April and May for relevant orders so rebates can only be considered once that full shipping window expires.

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DragonMint T1 Manufacturing Update

When we set out with the goal to bring a new generation of Bitcoin miner to market, we wanted to push the envelope and innovate in a way that would stimulate further competition. Making BTC miners however, is surprisingly difficult because they they need to achieve extreme conditions. We chose the route of developing a 10nm chip because it was the newest technology available at the time with promising advantages. However, after 14nm the physics change and introduce harder engineering challenges due to the small scale. One of the common misconceptions is that the smaller the nm size, the greater efficiency one will gain. In reality, gains are tempered by losses in other areas due to the new physics.

The DragonMint T1558 chip is the first-ever 10nm Bitcoin mining chip. The tapeout was in April 2017 and first chips came back between late August and early September 2017, various manufacturing and engineering challenges were worked through as first prototype miners were assembled. However, the wafer yield was lower than expected, and in order to compensate some engineering changes were made to the wafer to control some of the advanced process issues, at the slight expense of power efficiency which we believed we could compensate for in other parts of the miner. The efficiencies gained from using AsicBoost also mitigate some of the losses incurred by the new 10nm process (specifically, electrons are more difficult to control which causes efficiency loss, but AsicBoost allows us to use less power, so it cancels out much of the loss).

Although we still have more work to do with refining the process and increasing the yield (which is expected when working with new processes nodes) as 10nm process matures, in the end, the T1558 chip is now a leader in the market.

Manufacturing the miner has also brought other challenges, which engineers had to spend a lot of time, analysis and iteration in order to find and solve the various bottlenecks. All silicon wafers have some variance, and chips vary across the wafer. We found that once we put 10nm chips on the hash card, they are more prone to variance than expected. Due to the serial design of the PCB, chips are wired together like Christmas lights. It turns out our the chips have a much narrower tolerance to variance so we have to do more specialized sorting so that each board has similar “color”. The chips in the earlier miners were not so well sorted according to this precision and the miner manufacturing process was less mature.

Due to these uncertainties, manufacturing had to proceed cautiously to ensure we ironed out any remaining engineering issues. This is why there is a bit more variance on the early miners, and the hashrate is a little lower than expected. We’re still well within the 8% tolerance with the DragonMint T1 miner, but of course we want to be closer to the advertised 16TH/s.

On the software side, we wrote a completely new firmware based on “Buildroot” and a brand new web interface with rich API. We are also very lucky to have some industry specialists working on the mining like Linux Kernel developer, Con Kolivas, the original author and maintainer of cgminer. New software takes time to mature and the software has been an essential part of tuning performance and efficiency of the miner. Work is still ongoing, but as early adopters of the DragonMint T1 have discovered, the newer firmware released after the first batch of miners shipped in March, gives much better hashrate and performance on the same hardware.

Overall, the manufacturing process is only just becoming mature enough to mass produce with confidence and thus we’re beginning to ramp up production of the T1 seriously as well as re-verifying the first run stock of DragonMint miners.

Regarding logistics for shipping of April batch DragonMint T1. Miners have been shipping, however, miner production has only just recently begun to ramp up now that confidence is coming to the manufacturing process so we have not been able to ship many as we should have by now. We also experienced some unexpected logistical issues and shortage of PSUs. Miners are flowing from the factories in China and into Hong Kong on a daily basis and staff are working around the clock to get as much stock out before the end of April. It seems reasonable to expect a few miners will ship in the first week of May, but we anticipate that most of the miners will ship before the end of April. DragonMint T1 orders made through MyRig for April shipping should be sent in parallel.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers who have patiently supported us while we work through these growing pains and assure you we are doing everything to reliably supply efficient hardware, to secure the Bitcoin network.

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DragonMint Bitcoin miner implements “version-rolling” AsicBoost

It is our pleasure to announce that we have acquired a license to use AsicBoost by joining the Blockchain Defensive Patent License, and that the DragonMint Bitcoin miner is the world’s first miner to use “version-rolling” AsicBoost, a fully transparent and non-disruptive form of AsicBoost visible on the blockchain. Unlike covert forms of merkle grinding, it has no incentives to create smaller blocks, nor does it interfere with upgrades to the Bitcoin protocol.

After Little Dragon Technology LLC acquired the patent from the original inventors, we negotiated a license to use AsicBoost in our miners on the understanding that AsicBoost would be opened up to everyone to use, under some form of defensive patent license, in the hopes it can help protect decentralization of Bitcoin mining. Whilst this was being arranged, we were unable to announce our intended use of AsicBoost technology until the patent holder fully opened the patent for all to use under defensive licensing terms which occurred on 1st March 2018. This explains our strict embargo on releasing machines into the wild.

It’s been a long road, but we believe overt version-rolling can create the right incentives for other patent holders in the industry to join the BDPL and create a strong, defensive pool of patents in exchange for access to the technology for energy efficient optimization of the Bitcoin mining process. The more widely deployed version-rolling is used, the stronger the incentives will become since version-rolling is the most efficient form of AsicBoost and will deliver efficiency gains in addition to any hardware optimizations or silicon process node.

We have produced and will continue to produce a significant amount of version-rolling AsicBoost enabled miners, enough to incentivize other manufacturers to follow suit, which they are now freely able to do if they join the blockchain defensive patent initiative to help protect the industry from patent aggression. We would like to encourage all our friends and competitors in the industry to also join the Blockchain DPL.

DragonMint miners currently use the “version-rolling” Stratum extension. Details can be found at

Slushpool is the first pool to fully support the new Stratum extension live on their pool today. Additionally ckpool and Bitcoin India have since enabled support.


  1. Diagram of a Bitcoin block: Covert versus overt AsicBoost
  2. Our BDPL Offering Announcement
  3. AsicBoost patent opened under BDPL
  4. Stratum protocol for version-rolling
  5. Slushpool announcement
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BDPL Offering Announcement

Today we’re declaring ourselves “Defensive” by joining the Blockchain Defensive Patent License community.

This Offering Announcement is issued by Halong Mining (“Licensor”). All capitalized terms herein have the meaning as defined in the applicable numbered version of the Blockchain Defensive Patent License.

Licensor hereby commits to offer all of its Patents under the Blockchain Defensive Patent License version 1.0 or greater (“License”) to any BDPL User. The Licensor shall refer to the License for the procedures on granting and accepting such License.

Licensor does not have any patent at this time.

Date: March 6, 2018

Licensor can be contacted at

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Announcing Collaborative Partnership with MyRig Inc

We are delighted to announce a collaborative partnership between MyRig and Halong Mining to bring the DragonMint successfully to market.

MyRig are our distribution and logistics arm and will provide after-sales warranty and repair for all of the DragonMint product line. Halong Mining does not operate a reseller distribution model, but MyRig will service the consume retail channel for the miner using their extensive retail infrastructure. This will allow more consumers to acquire miners for domestic use which will further improve decentralization. Furthermore, MyRig can assist with hosting solutions big and small.

Because MyRig also service large mining operations already, corporate enquiries will be shared between both MyRig and Halong Mining – in both instances, they should be considered the same, and carry the same warranty ultimately serviced by MyRig.

For more information on MyRig, please visit